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Al salaam alaikum and welcome to the homepage of the Embassy of South Africa in Khartoum in the ancient land of the Sudan!

Our Embassy is in the heart of the historic and bustling city of Khartoum where the blue and white Niles meet before they begin their common journey towards the Mediterranean Sea in the north, passing through the land of the Pharaohs.

The focus of our work and engagement with the government and people of Sudan is in all areas of our (potential) cooperation in fields such as agriculture, mining, infrastructure development, youth capacity building, and science and technology. We also work with the authorities here and with other partners on the African continent and the UN to ensure the successful outcomes of the peacekeeping efforts of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).

The doors of our Embassy are open to assist all South Africans living, working, and travelling in Sudan with consular and related matters when necessary; and to facilitate the issuance of requisite travel documents for Sudanese wishing to travel to South Africa.

During our tour of duty in this beautiful country, we shall endeavour to visit the different parts of this land and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of its diverse people; the beauty of its landscapes; and the majestic emptiness of the Sahara Desert. We shall find time to snorkel in the purest coral reefs in the Red Sea off the coast of Port Sudan; cruise the Nile; ride the camels; weather the haboob storms; and enjoy the sacred melodies bellowing out from the minarets of the picturesque mosques which are everywhere the ear can reach.

…….all in the quest for a better life and strengthening of the bonds of friendship that so happily exist between South Africa and Sudan and between the peoples of our two countries.

Welcome! Marhaba!
Head of Mission
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