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President Cyril Ramaphosa has on behalf of the Government and people of South Africa, expressed his sadness at two natural disasters that have claimed close to 8 000 lives collectively and displaced tens of thousands of residents in eastern Libya and Morocco.

More than 5 000 people have perished due to floods associated with Storm Daniel in eastern Libya while more than 2 000 people died in an earthquake last weekend in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

President Ramaphosa said: “South Africa shares the pain and loss felt by the people of eastern Libya and Morocco. These disasters highlight once more the frailty of life when confronted with the forces of nature.”

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President Cyril Ramaphosa participated in the G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi, Republic of India, from 9 to 10 September 2023.

The New Delhi G20 Summit was hosted under the theme One Earth, One Family, One Future.

On Sunday, 10 September 2023, President Ramaphosa joined heads of state and government at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Rajghat Memorial.

The President, also on the margins of the G20, had bilateral meetings with heads of state and government to strengthen South Africa’s diplomatic, economic and cultural ties.

The New Delhi Summit focussed on the key pillars of the Indian G20 Presidency, namely:

  • Accelerated, Inclusive Sustainable and Resilient Growth
  • Accelerating Progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Mainstreaming Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE)
  • Multilateral Institutions for the 21st Century
  • Technological Transformation and Public Infrastructure
  • Building Digital Public Infrastructure
  • Safeguarding International Peace and Harmony
  • Creating a More Inclusive World, Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.

The Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. It plays an important role in shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues.

India holds the Presidency of the G20 from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023.

The G20 Summit is held annually, under the leadership of a rotating Presidency.

The G20 has expanded its agenda to include trade, sustainable development, health, agriculture, energy, environment, climate change and anti-corruption.

South Africa is a member of the G20 and its participation seeks to provide a strategic foresight in establishing an economic and international policy platform that will drive and negotiate the best possible outcomes for the country, Africa and the developing world.

South Africa will assume the G20 Presidency in 2025.

President Ramaphosa was supported by the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Dr Naledi Pandor.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has welcomed the admission of the African Union (AU) as a member of the Group of Twenty (G20).
“We are delighted that the G20 has accepted the AU as a member of the G20,” the President said on Saturday, 9 September 2023.

The group comprises 19 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Türkiye, United Kingdom, and United States) and the European Union.

The G20 members represent around 85% of the global domestic product, over 75% of the global trade and about two-thirds of the world population.

In his statement on the Working Session I: One Earth, of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, which took place in New Delhi, India, President Ramaphosa called for countries to respond collectively, decisively and with urgency to climate change.

“No country is spared the effects of climate change. It is vital that industrialised countries, which have the means and which carry the greatest responsibility for climate change, support sustainable development in developing economies.

“For us to realise the vision of People, Planet and Prosperity, we need to meet our respective commitments and responsibilities. In so doing, we will be helping to create a world that is more equitable, more resilient and more sustainable,” the President said.

He said global reconstruction in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique opportunity to accelerate the transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable societies.

“Developing economies are bearing the brunt of climate change, despite carrying the least responsibility for this crisis. As African and other developing economy countries, we face the task of meeting our climate commitments in the midst of significant developmental challenges like poverty, inequality and unemployment.

“Climate change, environmental degradation, unsustainable consumption and production and resource scarcity are challenges that can only be addressed collectively and with a great deal of solidarity. South Africa calls for an enhanced and expanded Global Partnership for Sustainable Development,” the President said.

He said these efforts must be supported by the concrete policies and actions outlined in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development.

“Access to adequate and predictable financial resources from a variety of public and private sources is critical if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Development partners need to both meet their existing commitments and upscale Official Development Assistance. Ordinary people see billions of dollars being spent on weapons of war instead of addressing development challenges.

“In particular, development partners need to meet their commitments to capacity-building and infrastructure development in low- and middle-income countries,” the President said.

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South Africa has welcomed the Indian Presidency’s efforts to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
“The achievement of the SDGs must remain at the centre of international financing discussions to ensure that finance is mobilised in sufficient quantities and of suitable quality to support development in low- and middle-income countries,” President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Saturday, 9 September 2023.

The 17 SDGs are an urgent call for action by all countries ‒ developed and developing ‒ in a global partnership.

They recognise that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

In his statement on the Working Session II: One Family of the G20 Leaders’ Summit that took place in New Delhi, India, the President applauded the Indian Presidency’s focus on women’s empowerment as part of achieving the SDGs.

“South Africa has embarked on a journey of ensuring the empowerment of women. The education of girls must be prioritised. We must act to end gender-based violence and enable women to enter the mainstream of economic activity,” President Ramaphosa said.

He emphasised the importance of committing to strengthening the global health architecture for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, and support ongoing engagement on how this proposed architecture will be funded.

“Our experience of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic sends a clear message that global health security is paramount. There is need to develop robust global one health surveillance systems that promote effective collaboration at national, regional and global level.

“We urgently need a coordination mechanism that supports the sharing of information and resources, research, outbreak investigation and response,” he said.

He noted that countries continued to face an unsteady global economic recovery.

“As policymakers, we therefore need to be flexible and respond quickly and appropriately to risk. Multilateral cooperation is critical to addressing food and energy insecurity. As African countries, we support a discussion on policy options to address the effects of volatility in food and energy markets.

“As G20 nations, we must drive the transformation of economies and societies in pursuit of mutual prosperity, inclusive growth and a shared future,” the President said.

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On 9 September 2023, President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his condolences at the passing of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the Prince of KwaPhindangene, Traditional Prime Minister to the Zulu Monarch and Nation, and the founder and President Emeritus of the Inkatha Freedom Party.
“Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi has been an outstanding leader in the political and cultural life of our nation, including the ebbs and flows of our liberation struggle, the transition which secured our freedom in 1994 and our democratic dispensation.”

Prince Buthelezi, who served as the democratic South Africa’s first Minister of Home Affairs, passed away in the early hours of Saturday, 9 September 2023, just two weeks after the celebration of his 95th birthday.

President Ramaphosa has declared that Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi would be honoured with a Special Official Funeral Category 1 at Ulundi in KwaZulu-Natal.

“As preparations unfold for memorial events, President Ramaphosa reiterates his deep condolences to the Royal Household as well as the friends, colleagues, including Members of Parliament, and associates nationally and internationally of the late leader.

“The State, Official and Provincial Official Funeral Policy of government accords Special Official Funerals, Category 1, to persons of extraordinary credentials specifically designated by the President of the Republic of South Africa,” The Presidency said in a statement on Tuesday, 12 September 2023.

The funeral will also entail elements of military honours.

“The President has directed that flags be flown at half-mast at flag stations around the country from Tuesday, 12 September 2023, until the evening of the day on which the funeral will take place,” the statement concluded.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed his deep condolences at the passing of veteran activist and esteemed member of the Order of Luthuli, Amy Thornton.
The President, in a statement on Thursday, 7 September 2023, said his thoughts were with the family, friends and comrades of the late activist who was born in Cape Town in 1932.

Thornton was honoured in 2016 with the National Order of Luthuli for her excellent contribution and unflinching commitment to the struggle for liberation and equality for all South Africans and her commendable bravery in the face of an oppressive regime.

As a 16-year-old, Thornton worked with the then Communist Party of South Africa to campaign against the National Party in the 1948 election, which resulted in the legislated enforcement of apartheid.

In 1950, she joined the Modern Youth Society (MYS), a progressive youth movement involving mainly university students. Through the MYS, Thornton was involved in night school literacy classes for African workers in the Cape Town docks.

When the Congress of Democrats (COD) was formed in 1952, she was appointed secretary of the Joint Congress Committee (involving the COD, the African National Congress [ANC], the South African Indian Congress and the Coloured Peoples’ Congress).

She represented the MYS as part of the South African delegation to the World Federation of Democratic Youth, held in Bucharest, Romania in 1953.

In the same year, she was recruited to join the underground South African Communist Party. She was active in pamphleteering against the Group Areas Act and the Bantu Education Act. She was also involved in study classes in informal settlements around Cape Town (Blouvlei and Elsies River).

In 1955, Thornton was a delegate from Cape Town to the Congress of the People. However, she was part of the delegation that was stopped by the police in Beaufort West and detained over the weekend, so she was unable to make it to Kliptown.

From the start of the Treason Trial in 1956, she served on the Treason Trial Support Committee. She did voluntary work for the Guardian newspaper (and its successors, as each successive title was banned in turn). She did research for the publication and managed the editorial work.

In 1959, she was banned for the first time initially for two years, but this was extended several times. She eventually served 14 years under banning orders and lost her job as a nursery schoolteacher.

In 1976, she began to work part-time for the Food and Canning Workers’ Union.

In 1981, she was a founding member and deputy chairperson of the United Women’s Organisation, which later became one of the key organisations in the formation of the United Democratic Front (UDF).

In 1983, she was appointed as a patron of the UDF and was among those detained during the two states of emergency.

Thornton was also a member of the Cape Town ANC regional leadership and served on the National Coordinating Committee for the Return of Exiles between 1990 and 1993.

“Amy Thornton lived a life of principled resistance, bravery and perseverance so that we could live in freedom today. She was one of many white South Africans who sustained the non-racial character of the liberation struggle,” President Ramaphosa said.

“Her contribution and the risks she took on also disproved the often-stated claim that white South Africans didn’t know what was unfolding in the country or that they had no agency to change policy or conditions in the country.

“Amy Thornton served our nation with great courage and tireless energy. May her soul now rest in peace,” President Ramaphosa said.

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On Thursday, 7 September 2023, President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his condolences at the passing of Pick n Pay founder and philanthropist, Raymond Ackerman, who was also an Esteemed Member of the Order of the Baobab.
President Ramaphosa has extended his condolences to Wendy Ackerman; children Gareth, Kathy, Suzanne, Jonathan; and the extended family.

Ackerman, who passed away at the age of 92, was awarded the Order of the Baobab in 2014 for his commitment to uplifting the lives of South Africans by providing scholarships to young people and conducting socially responsible retail business.

Ackerman was one of the first retailers to fight on behalf of South African consumers against the apartheid state’s monopoly on basic goods.

He drastically reduced the cost of essentials such as bread, milk and chicken. He also spoke against the inclusion of value-added tax on basic food lines, a course that they fought and won on behalf of the poor.

He was one of the first executives to promote black South Africans to senior positions and to acknowledge black trade unions. This was at a period when such unions were banned from operating in the country.

He also abolished race classification on the company’s human resources payroll.

Since the 1970s, the Ackerman Family Trust has supported hundreds of young people to become graduates across a broad range of professions.

“We mourn with the Ackerman family as they bid farewell to a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather whose name resounded comfortably in millions of households around the country,” President Ramaphosa said.

“Raymond Ackerman was an outstanding business leader and entrepreneur who placed people first and stood up to the injustices and discrimination, which the apartheid regime sought to outsource to the business sector,” the President said.

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Deputy President Paul Mashatile has attributed the growth in gross domestic product (GDP) to the economic recovery measures that were implemented by government to support the economy.
Stats SA reported that the country's GDP grew by 0.6% in the second quarter of 2023 while it grew by 0.4% in the first quarter.

These measures include financial support for distressed businesses, infrastructure investment and job-creation initiatives such as the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI), implemented as the Basic Education Employment Initiative across all nine provinces.

“Between April and June this year, at least 135 000 earning opportunities were secured by young people through the PYEI’s National Pathway Management Network.

“Some 108 061 of these were accessed through the SA Youth platform, with 27 088 opportunities scored through the Department of Employment and Labour’s Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) website. We are adamant that if PYEI can receive more funding, it will reach more young people,” Deputy President Mashatile said on Saturday, 9 September 2023, in Johannesburg.

Addressing the Forty Under 40 South Africa Awards Ceremony, he called on young people to take up the opportunities available in digital sectors and others to combat the high youth unemployment rate.

“Our government believes that entrepreneurship is part of the remedy for the massive youth unemployment. In partnership with the private sector, we have launched several youth business funding opportunities to help youth start and maintain their businesses. This includes the Youth Challenge Fund, the Youth Pipeline Development Programme and the Youth Technology Innovation Fund.

“While these measures have helped stabilise the economy, we must remain vigilant and adaptable to emerging challenges. Moreover, we have also gained some pace by implementing the structural reforms for the reconstruction and recovery plan, Operation Vulindlela,” Deputy President Mashatile said.

Since Operation Vulindlela was launched in October 2020 as part of the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan, government has implemented 35 priority structural reforms identified for their impact on economic growth and job creation.

“We have made progress in energy, our logistics network, digital communications and the reform of the visa regime to enable businesses to attract the skills they need to grow. Eleven reforms have been completed, while 14 are on track or progressing well.

“Regarding the energy challenge that has remained a top priority in our country, we have amended Schedule 2 of the Electricity Regulation Act to remove the licencing requirement for generation projects of any size,” the Deputy President said.

More than 100 projects are at various stages of development, representing over 10 000 megawatts of new generation capacity and over R200 billion in private-sector investment.

“Additionally, three projects from the risk mitigation programme have been constructed, with five projects expected to reach financial closure this quarter.

“We approved the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill in March, which has been tabled in Parliament. This Bill will establish a competitive electricity market, enabling multiple generators to compete on a level playing field. These are essential to ramping up energy generation in the short and medium term,” the Deputy President said.

He said government’s efforts in investing in young people meant redirecting efforts and resources in a number of critical areas, including the skills revolution and education, providing quality healthcare, investments in new technologies as part of 4IR and artificial intelligence as well as investments in infrastructure for ease of business and movement of goods, allowing entrepreneurs to flourish.

“Investing in youth participation is not just a trendy concept but a necessity for our collective future. It goes beyond just financial resources. It requires a mindset shift and a collective commitment to nurturing talent and empowering individuals,” Deputy President Mashatile said.

Taking advantage of opportunities on the continent

The Deputy President urged entrepreneurs to take advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

“In this regard, South Africa is a significant member of this trade revolution that will shape the continent's future by stimulating innovation and value-chain growth and boosting industrialisation and job creation across industries. The AfCFTA has 54 signatories, making it the largest free trade area in terms of the number of member states, second only to the World Trade Organisation.

“As part of Agenda 2063, we must dismantle the barriers that hinder youth participation in the economy. We need to break free from the cycle of generational exclusion and embrace an intergenerational approach where the knowledge and experience of our elders are combined with the fresh ideas and perspectives of today's youth,” he said.

Deputy President Mashatile said unlocking the demographic dividend would spark a wave of growth and progress that would benefit the youth and the entire continent.

“We need greater collaboration among governments, civil society, the private sector and international partners to achieve this,” he said.

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The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Alvin Botes, has concluded his visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he participated in the Validation Workshop of the Principles and Guidelines of the Use of Digital and Social Media in Elections.

The General Assembly of the Association of African Electoral Authorities (AAEA) has mandated the International Electrotechnical Commission to implement resolutions and guidelines for safeguarding electoral integrity in the digital age as well as producing strategies for combatting digital disinformation.

The Deputy Minister delivered a speech affirming South Africa’s support for the principles and guidelines for the use of digital and social media in elections in Africa.

In his speech, the Deputy Minister said: “It is important for governments and electoral management bodies to take advantage of these digital and social media to inform and capacitate our youth, given that our continent has a youthful populace”.

It is envisaged that following the Validation Workshop, the Principles and Guidelines on the Use of Digital and Social Media in Elections in Africa will be adopted by the AAEA General Assembly, alongside the Annual Election Management Bodies Forum to be organised by the AU Commission in Cotonou, Benin, in November 2023.

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South Africa will use its Chairship of the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance (AGHA) to advance the green hydrogen agenda on the continent and support opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, technology transfer and economic and employment opportunities.
This is according to Minister in The Presidency for Electricity, Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, who was handed Chairship of the AGHA on the sidelines of the Inaugural Africa Climate Summit (ACS), which took place from 4 to 6 September 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya.

“Green hydrogen and its associated large-scale renewable energy production have the potential to support the expansion of the electricity transmission infrastructure, to add additional renewable energy generation capacity and to support the local development of renewable energy.

“As such it is a key component of South Africa’s future energy mix to achieve sustainable energy security,” Minister Ramokgopa said on Thursday, 7 September 2023.

The AGHA was formed in May 2022 by six African countries: Egypt, Kenya, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia and South Africa, to drive decarbonisation through green hydrogen.

The alliance seeks to intensify collaboration and supercharge the development of green hydrogen projects on the African continent in line with the Just Energy Transition.

“It focusses on public and regulatory policy, capacity-building, financing and certification needs to mobilise green hydrogen production for domestic use and export. The inclusion of Ethiopia and Angola’s membership was also announced alongside South Africa’s Chairship,” Minister Ramakgopa said.

During the ACS, the Minister participated in panel sessions where he shared lessons on South Africa’s energy outlook and the role of green hydrogen in supporting energy security and driving green industrialisation.

On the margins of the summit, the Minister engaged in multiple high-level bilateral meetings to explore energy collaborations and meaningful partnerships in the energy space.

The Minister’s participation in the summit was underpinned by a commitment to consistent, sustainable and affordable energy supply for South Africa.

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The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, has welcomed the latest figures released by Statistics South Africa on the gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter of 2023, showing that the agricultural sector was once again one of the biggest contributors to the country’s economic growth. This growth signifies the importance and influence of the sector in South Africa’s economy.

The agricultural sector grew by 4.2% in the second quarter of 2023, fuelled largely by a good summer harvest of grains and oilseeds commodities, coupled with solid horticultural exports. In the second quarter of 2023, South Africa exported agricultural products worth R60.2 billion, which is almost 13% higher than the corresponding period last year.

The country is expected to harvest 16.4 million tons of maize and about 743 thousand tons of sunflower, a crop size that will bode well for consumers, as food inflation will subside.

Already in July 2023, food inflation had receded to 9.9%, providing a much-needed relief to consumers.

“The growth in agriculture and its contribution to the country’s economy can be attributed to the increasing footprint of South Africa’s agricultural products in the international markets,” said Minister Didiza

This is underscored by government's decisions to invest resources in opening new export markets while maintaining trade relations with existing markets.

In August 2023, the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development secured new export markets for avocados, beef and other animal products to countries such as Saudi Arabia and China.

“The drive to open new export opportunities will continue as the Government strives to grow a competitive, resilient and export-oriented agriculture.”

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The non-profit organisation, SA Heart Association, is gearing up for its annual congress where a unique initiative is on the agenda that will see top heart specialists and renowned cardiologists train future helpful hands.

The “Cardiac Collaboration” will see people in highly specialised fields like cardiac anaesthesiology, endocrinology, critical and emergency care, sports medicine and radiology, to name a few, unite, share knowledge and create room for other cardiologists to up their skills.

Unlike any of the years before, this year will feature “training villages” where delegates will get active hands-on training. Not to mention the skills-sharing from top heart specialists, which will extend further because the trend-setting cardiologists will also conduct a roadshow at major hospitals around the country to offer their expertise, whether through consultations or surgical procedures.

The knowledge-sharing will also feature state-of-the-art devices and equipment in personalised training sessions.

Cardiologist, congress convenor and lecturer at  the University of the Witwatersrand, Dr Farouk Mamdoo, says: “Normally, special devices, simulators and equipment are statically displayed on exhibition stands in the conference hall. However, at this year’s congress, delegates will be able to see them being used in real-time – some of which this country hasn’t even seen before.”

Dr Mamdoo says additional pre-congress workshops will consist of didactic and practical lectures about hands-on procedures, with “tips, tricks and advice” and case studies presented.

Echocardiography, electrophysiology, paediatric cardiology and cardiology for non-cardiologists will be among the fields embraced.

Among the most cutting-edge developments to be presented will be breakthroughs in heart failure therapy, new ways of treating complex coronary disease plus advances in the latest techniques, technology and diagnostic tools – and the evidence to support their use.

The congress will be taking place this year at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 27 to 29 October.

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Spider Murphy is a Durban-based surfboard shaper whose expansive career has shaped surfing in South Africa for over five decades.
A beautiful documentary directed by Timothy Hay and produced by Mike Frew, looks at the career of proudly South African surfboard shaper Spider Murphy. The film shines a light on the highlights of his work and how he has dedicated his life to promoting surfing in South Africa.

Murphy’s career has spanned over five decades and now, at the age of 76, looking back on all that has been accomplished, one can see what kind of change he contributed to over the years.
With over six decades of legacy, he has expertly crafted over 100 000 surfboards, catering to a diverse array of surfers, from casual weekend enthusiasts to multiple world champions and global tour contenders.

Over his remarkable 55-year career, Murphy’s pioneering influence and consistent drive to redefine design has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the surfing industry and he pushed the limits of surfboard innovation.

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After making history on “America's Got Talent” when it received the first-ever group golden buzzer, the Mzansi Youth Choir has secured a spot in the talent competition show's finale. It was announced as one-half of the top two, alongside Indonesian singer Putri Ariana, in the week three semi-finals.

In May, the choir received the first-ever group golden buzzer after they performed Nightbirde's It's Ok. Judge Simon Cowell described it as "the perfect audition".

About their song choice, the choir said it wanted to pay tribute to the late singer for her composition.

Nightbirde, after receiving a golden buzzer, died in February 2022 during the show's 16th season due to weakened health after cancer treatment.

Earlier this month, News24 reported the choir battled flight cancellations and other issues to secure a spot in the top 11.

Per USA Today, the choir stands to walk away with a US$1-million prize and a Las Vegas residency.

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The Ndlovu Youth Choir is gearing up to get behind the Springboks just like the rest of South Africa and to do so, they have released their cover of "World in Union" by PJ Powers.

In 1995, PJ Powers performed the song live at the opening of the 1995 Rugby World Cup in Cape Town for a worldwide television audience. It was the year we won; the year South Africa will never forget.

In 2019, the Drakensberg Boys Choir added their voice to the song, in anticipation for the World Cup, which South Africa also went on to win.

The world-famous choir took to their social pages recently, sharing that they planned to release their cover.

“Tomorrow, we will be releasing our own version of the Rugby World Cup anthem, World in Union. This special rendition of the anthem was first performed at Ellis Park with the players of the 1995, 2007 and 2019 World Cup Winning squads. We are right behind Captain Siya Kolisi and his Springboks boys. Bring it home!”

It is safe to say that World in Union is our rugby anthem. It is synonymous with victory, national pride and unity.

“Today the world is in union as we celebrate the start of the #RWC2023. We are behind the Springboks in their quest to defend their crown and bring the trophy home – where it belongs!” – Ndlovu Youth Choir.

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South Africa’s favourite musical siblings are taking their talent to the world after representing their country and performing at the Festival of Nations in the United States of America (USA).
Musical siblings Manna, Biko and Mfundo have come a long way since their performance to crowds in Maboneng on weekends, with a recent highlight being the opportunity to perform at the Festival of Nations in the USA where performers from over 35 countries participated

Their standing as a local crowd favourite soon expanded to music lovers outside of South Africa after the sibling trio took to the stages of TikTok, sharing many a viral moment with their twist on local and international melodies.

The musical siblings Manna, Biko and Mfundo have 1.3 million followers on the platform and over 15 million likes, a fanbase of support most artists merely dare to dream of.

However, the opportunity to perform in front of thousands live is still something no virtual stage can compete with, and the Festival of Nations in Saint Louis, Missouri, is certainly no side street stage.

For Biko and Manna (who are in their teens) and little Mfundo (who is still in primary school), their moment in front of music talents and appreciators from around the world, live-jive, was also a glimpse into the future of performance-rich possibilities.

Adding to their US diary, the three also performed at the National Museum of African American Music in one of the US’ music capitals, Nashville.

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The Springboks dominated Scotland 18-3 in a commanding Rugby World Cup opener, showcasing their strength and determination.
In a scintillating display of rugby prowess, the South African Springboks kicked off their Rugby World Cup campaign with a resounding 18-3 victory over Scotland.

The win not only showcased the Boks’ incredible form heading into the tournament but also relieved much of the qualification pressure in what was dubbed the “Pool of Death”.

The highly anticipated match played in front of a raucous crowd of 63 556 fans on Sunday, 10 September 2023, in the sweltering heat of Marseille, saw the Springboks thwart the famed Scottish running game with their characteristic resilience in defence and a dash of ambition in attack.

The match showcased a tense battle between two teams acutely aware of the importance of the occasion and it was the Springboks who emerged as victors, firmly asserting their presence in the competition’s toughest pool. With tries, tackles and tenacity, the composed Boks set the tone for what promises to be an exhilarating Rugby World Cup campaign. The victory not only delighted their fans but also sent a clear message to their competitors: the Springboks are a force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Springboks 18 (6)

Tries: Pieter-Steph du Toit, Kurt-Lee Arendse.
Conversion: Faf de Klerk.
Penalty goals: Manie Libbok (2).

Scotland 3 (3)

Penalty goal: Finn Russell.

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South African wheelchair tennis ace Kgothatso Montjane has been crowned the United States (US) Open women’s doubles champion.
Montjane and her Japanese partner, Yui Kamiji, claimed the title through a walkover after one of the opponents they were supposed to play in the decider fell ill. 

Montjane and Kamiji were supposed to have an interesting battle with Dutch top seeds Diede de Groot and Jiske Griffioen on Saturday, 9 September 2023. 

Jiske was the one who got sick and she also retired from her singles semifinal on Friday.  

Their walkover victory was confirmed by the US Open via their social media platform on Saturday night. 

“Yui Kamiji and Kgothatso Montjane claim the wheelchair women's doubles title!” wrote the US Open. 

Tennis South Africa (TSA) took to their social media page to congratulate the Limpopo-born star and her Japanese partner. 

“Huge congratulations to our superstar! She is now a two-time Grand Slam champion! Well deserved,” TSA wrote. 

Montjane continues to have a great year on the Grand Slam stage. 

In June, Montjane with Kamiji defeated De Groot and Maria Florencia Moreno to claim the French Open doubles title. 

Montjane is the first South African woman to win a French Open title since 1981.

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Nadine de Klerk and Masabata Klaas starred with the ball as the Proteas clinched a One Day International (ODI) series victory over Pakistan in the second ODI on Monday, 11 September 2023.
South Africa cruised to a six-wicket victory at the National Stadium in Karachi.

The Proteas take a 2-0 lead in the three-match ODI series, with the final ODI scheduled for Thursday.

Chasing 169 for victory, the Proteas started off well with a 41-run opening stand before skipper Laura Wolvaardt fell for 13 off the bowling of Sadia Iqbal.

Tazmin Brits then shared a 40-run stand with Lara Goodall before Brits fell five runs short of fifty, ending on 45 off 54 balls (hitting four fours and a six).

Goodall made a valiant 36 before she was caught off Umm-e-Hani.

Iqbal took her second as she got the wicket of Sune Luus for 10.

However, an unbeaten 54-run stand between Marizanne Kapp (29*) and De Klerk (24*) saw the Proteas easily reach the target with 96 balls to spare.

De Klerk took two wickets in two balls removing Muneeba Ali (4) and Sadaf Shamas, who nicked behind to the keeper for a golden duck.

The Proteas all-rounder took her third, bowling opener Sidra Ameen as wickets continued to tumble with Ayabonga Khaka and Masabata Klaas chipping in.

The hosts soon were reeling at 49-6 before a 114-run partnership between Aliya Riaz and Fatima Sana saved Pakistan some blushes.

Sana brought up her maiden ODI half-century as she top-scored with 69 off 87 balls (hitting 10 fours) before she was stumped off the bowling of Nonkululeko Mlaba.

Riaz continued her fine form as she hit her seventh ODI fifty, scoring 53 off 86 balls (hitting three fours) before she was caught off Klaas.

De Klerk finished with career-best figures of four for 32, while Klaas was superb with three for 14 as Pakistan were bundled out for 168.

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Eighteen-year-old Minke Janse van Rensburg might as well make medals her middle name after she earned multiple victories in gold, silver and bronze at the Down Syndrome European Championships for her many epic swims.
The SUDS 2023 European Championships saw a South African superstar in their midst recently. Taking Italian waters by storm, Minke Janse van Rensburg made her hometown of George in the Western Cape beyond proud, along with South African supporters everywhere.

The Down Syndrome European Championship heats were on from 3 to 10 September in Padova, Italy, where this South African talent certainly made a splash among international competitors, scoring placements for each podium with her bronze, silver and two-time gold-winning swims.

The 18-year-old swimmer earned gold for the 100m freestyle and 50m freestyle, bronze for the 50m backstroke and silver for the 200m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 200m IM silver 400m freestyle ‒ an incredible sporting achievement.

This is not Minke’s first time securing multiple medals. In 2018, the young swimmer kickstarted her career with multiple national gold wins and became one of only nine swimmers selected by the South African Sports Association for the Intellectually Impaired. She soon went on to represent South Africa at the World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships and in 2021, she broke seven world records in a single week.

In 2022, she was named the South African Sports Woman of the Year with a Disability.

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Alwande Sikhosana has scored his spot for the 2024 Paris Paralympics after dominating in gold in Ghana.
The golden ticket confirmation came after Sikhosana and Leon Els swiftly made it to the finals of the wheelchair tennis tournament at the Games following a string of wins individually and as a team. Fresh from their doubles gold medal and victory against Morocco’s Lhaj Bouckartacha and Said Himan, Sunday saw the local champs face each other.

Here, Sikhosana navigated a smooth win against Els: 6-2, 6-3.

Now, Sikhosana has become the first out of the two wheelchair tennis stars to score a spot for the 2024 Paris Paralympics and stretch his competitive muscles against the world’s finest para players.

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Toni McCann just became the queen of one of the world’s toughest marathons and first South African to win the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc OCC
For McCann, becoming the queen of one of the world’s toughest marathons took “just a little bit of bravery” coupled with a lot of support from her home on the other side of the world. Winning the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc OCC was a dream she hardly dared to dream and one that now sits in the history books of South Africa’s reality.

McCann is the first South African to win the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc OCC, which is over 50km in length with an elevation gain of over 3200m.


Needless to say, it is not a run through the park, but a tough test of body and dedication alike, stretching through France and Switzerland.

According to, McCann first tackled the marathon back in 2021 where she finished 14th. She tried again in 2022 where her fifth-place finish led her to consider really going for gold.

McCann placed first in an emotional finish in just five hours and 28 minutes. The race lends itself to a time extent of over 14 hours.

“This one was for back home,” she shared in a nod to South Africa.

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